'2 Broke Girls' Star Kat Dennings Says She'd 'Love' Reunion With Beth Behrs

At least one of the 2 Broke Girls is up for a reunion. Kat Dennings is definitely down to get back together with her co-star, Beth Behrs for some kind of reunion, she said. In this era of reboots and revivals, we cannot rule anything out.

Dennings and Behrs co-starred on 2 Broke Girls from 2011 to 2017 on CBS. They played waitresses at a diner trying their best to escape their drab, work-a-day life, but constantly finding themselves mired in it. This week, in an appearance on PEOPLE Now, Dennings said she would go back in a heartbeat.

"Oh my god, I would," she said. "I don't think anyone has ever... broached that topic with me, I would! I think it would be fun, like a reunion!"

Dennings acknowledged that the show did not have a neatly tied up ending, since the producers did not expect it to be canceled. Some fans even call the ending a cliffhanger, and Dennings admitted it would be nice to rectify that goodbye.

"We kind of ended on a cliffhanger, which was frustrating for some people. Especially me," she said. "I want to know what my wedding looked like!"
"Maybe like a reunion one day, maybe, who knows. I'd love to," she went on.

Dennings was then asked if she thought Behrs would be up for it too, but she was hesitant to speak for her co-star. However, she said that she assumed Behrs would be up for it as long as her schedule allowed.

"I feel like she's busy, but who knows," she said. "You have to be careful with that kind of winky-winky-winky stuff, but we'll see. If there's a time and aplace, sure."

Behrs actually broached the topic earlier this year in an interview with PopCulture.com. She told us that she would love to work with Dennings again some day, but that she feels good about the way 2 Broke Girls ended.

"I think we told our story in the best possible way during the time it was on the air," Behrs said. "I like the 'mystery' of us all using our imaginations to decide where Max and Caroline are now."

Behrs has kept busy since 2 Broke Girls ended, with other TV appearances and a couple of movies. Right now, she is filming an action movie called Twin Blades, directed by Eva Jin. She plays an American entrepreneur who travels to China an finds herself in a dangerous situation where she must fight for her survival. There is no release date for the movie yet, but it is listed as "filming."

Of the two, however, Dennings may be more busy. She is currently starring in a new Hulu original series called Dollface, which premiered this week. She also does a voice on Netflix's Big Mouth, which dropped its third season last month and has three more on the way.

After that, Dennings is booked for years to come. She is doing more voice-over work on The Croods 2, and has a movie called Friendsgiving in post-production. After that, she will reprise her Marvel Cinematic Universe role as Darcy Lewis, the snarky assistant of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

Dennings is set to appear as Darcy in the first six episodes of WandaVision, a new MCU series coming to Disney+ in 2021. Curiously, Portman is not listed on the project, so it is unclear what Darcy's role will be on the show, which centers around the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany).


In the meantime, 2 Broke Girls and Dollface are both streaming now on Hulu.