'SNL': Elizabeth Warren Joins Darrell Hammond’s Chris Matthews for Fox News Coronavirus Coverage in Cold Open

This week's cold open took Saturday Night Live back to Fox News for a little mockery on the station's fictional coverage of the coronavirus. Kate McKinnon ended up playing double duty in the sketch, hosting the segment as Laura Ingraham and talking to a variety of guests including Judge Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Strong), Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump (Mikey Day and Alex Moffat), and a returning Darrell Hammond as recently fired host Chris Matthews.

But the real cameo came at the end of the sketch in the form of Elizabeth Warren. Fresh off the end of her presidential campaign and amid a cloud of rumors about her next political decision, Warren provided a sweet end to a mildly whirlwind opening.

Before Warren appears though, Ingraham paints the virus as nothing to worry about and a liberal "smear campaign." This includes showing a scene from the next Fast & Furious film as a representation of folks invaded stores for hand sanitizer and oat milk.

She then provides a list of things that are worth worrying about over coronavirus, including women who keep their maiden names, Fat Barbies, Harry Styles, and black marching bands. Ingraham also runs down her very odd ad sponsors.

Then we get Jeanine Pirro and her tough talk against the virus while boosting up American invincibility. She doesn't trust the Chinese, alcohol is a disinfectant when you drink it, and she's not scared of anybody. She's followed by Don and Eric Trump, praising their father and giving each other some brotherly love.

Eric has a pretty high temp, so he doesn't stick around too long. Luckily Chris Matthews shows up, with Hammond bringing back his role from his original tenure on SNL.


Then we finally get Warren, and not McKinnon in her costume just yet. It's a nice victory lap for the former presidential candidate, even getting a nice burn on Michael Bloomberg and his debate performance courtesy of the viral video of her dog Bailey eating a burrito despite the efforts of several people.

Warren is soon joined by McKinnon in her Warren costume to bid farewell to the cold open and embrace another female presidential candidate in a cold open. This was at least missing the musical element.