'SNL': Daniel Craig Has Trouble Shaking off James Bond's 007 Habits With Cast in Hilarious Promo

His possible, final chapter in James Bond's adventures with No Time to Die might have been bumped to November after coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak fears, but actor Daniel Craig is taking hosting duties on Saturday Night Live to a whole new level. In a promo clip for Saturday's new episode, Craig — who hosted last in 2012 — appears in a hilarious segment alongside cast members, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant and Chris Redd and by the looks of it, the 52-year-old is having a hard time compartmentalizing from his onscreen persona.

Ready for anything, the actor is eager to show off his comedy chops, but can't help in resorting to his tough-guy, 007 moves when the unsuspecting comedians approaching.

"I kind of like to really stretch myself when it comes to acting, and that's one of the wonderful things about coming on SNL and hosting," Craig said in a confessional. "I'm totally up for anything. So, I mean, I'll do silly accents. I'll wear a crazy wig. You just got to think outside the box, and we can really do something—"

With the personable interview cutting to a scene with Craig looking over his lines with a staff writer, Bennett walks over to the British star when all of a sudden is met with an aggressive move of twists and pulls.

"You broke my arm!" Bennett yelled as he leans over and screams in pain.

Cutting back to the interview prefacing the violent move, Craig goes on to say he is very enthusiastic about his hosting duties on Saturday night and hopes to "keep it light."

"We're going to have fun. Right?" he said. "I'm just terribly excited about doing it."

With the interview cutting back to Craig behind-the-scenes ahead of its premiere, Bryant walks over and welcomes him back.

"Hey, so nice to see you," Craig said, before punching her in the shoulder to which Bryant yells, "Ow!"

With Craig still in interview mode, he reveals: "I get to show people that there's more to me than just James Bond."

Finally, Redd pops by and tells the father of two and husband to actress, Rachel Weisz, that how "it's so good to have" him back. However, Craig jumps into 007 mode and yells, "Who do you work for?"

Confused, Redd is unsure what he means and shouts, "Lorne! Lorne Michaels!" With Craig somewhat satisfied with his response and channeling more normal vibes upon the revelation, he replies: "Give him my best!"

Craig goes on to share in his confessional that it's "just a terrific vibe" at the show.

"They're just genuinely good people. I have so much fun when I'm here," he said.

Craig's latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, is the first major Hollywood movie to shift its opening because of coronavirus COVID-19 fears, but might not be the last among a loaded slate of anticipated movies set to release this year. The pandemic, which has caused more than 3,000 deaths worldwide has gone on to disrupt the global theater marketplace.


No Time to Die is Craig's fifth James Bond film, and releases in theatres Nov. 25.

Photo credit: NBCU / SNL