'NCIS' Fans Lash out After CBS Airs Super Tuesday Coverage Instead New Episode

The regular television program across the major networks has been interrupted thanks to Super Tuesday. On what is considered the biggest day in political primaries, all of the news stations are dropping its normal schedule between 8-11 p.m. ET to air their own coverage of the primaries.

As a result, fans of the many shows that will have to wait another week for a new episode aren't too pleased. Over on NBC, fans of The Voice haven't been shy about voicing their frustration as have This is Us fans who aren't happy they have to wait another week to see the dramatic storyline unfold.

Count the fans of NCIS in that category.

"Is it really necessary for every single network to air super Tuesday crap? I already missed NCIS last week [because] of that pathetic thing that they called a debate [and] now I'm missing it this week too! NCIS would have much better ratings, but apparently that doesn't matter to them," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another disappointed viewer questioned why they can't air a new episode instead of the "lame politics" that will occupy three hours of primetime television.

Fans will have to wait until March 10 to catch the newest episode. That's when the episode "In A Nutshell" will air for what will be the 17th episode in Season 17.

On a different note, NCIS: Los Angeles will pick up where it left off when it debuts its latest episode this Sunday. Viewers will be treated to the acting debut of rapper Offset, who is a member of Migos.


In promoting the episode, Offset shared that he has had this idea of acting in the back of his mind for a while now before he reached out to the show's star, LL Cool J. He's eager for fans of his to see him in his debut and for him to take on a different perspective.

"I didn't want to come into acting and be like, put in this category of, 'Oh, you can be the bad guy all the time,'" Offset said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada. "I wanted to be able to show that I could do anything that someone sets in front of me."