'Gold Rush' Season 10: Discovery Unveils Wild First Look Trailer (Exclusive)


'Gold Rush' Season 10: Discovery Unveils Wild First Look Trailer (Exclusive)

'SNL': Leslie Jones' Controversial Abortion Law Segment on 'Weekend Update' Stirs Social Media

Leslie Jones addressed the controversial new abortion laws in Alabama this week on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment, and sparked a strong reaction from social media.

Jones pulled no punches on Saturday as she rolled out to the news desk to join hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che. The comedian was not in character, although she did wear a white bonnet and a red robe at first, resembling a character from Handmaid's Tale.

"Well, basically we are all Handmaids now," she said. "But I don't know how good of a baby-maker I'm going to be, because my eggs is dusty as hell."

Jost said that he didn't think society was quite as dystopian as the Hulu series yet, and Jones got more serious. When she tore the costume off, she revealed a black T-shirt with the word "MINE" written on it, and an arrow pointing to her groin.

Jones fired off a healthy mix of serious rhetoric and jokes in the four-minute segment, but there was no doubt that she was very serious about the new abortion laws. She took a hard pro-choice stance, and condemned the lawmakers who passed the new restrictions.

"When you take a woman's choice away you take away their freedom," she said.

The segment was one of the most impactful of the night, and stirred a huge conversation on social media. On Sunday morning, many were talking about Jones' monologue on Twitter, praising her words and her fearless delivery.

"I was literally cheering in my living room!" one fan wrote. "Standing O for [Leslie Jones]!!"

"Thank you [Leslie Jones] for your speech on SNL," added another. "So many of us are pissed off and scared. Thank you for always using your voice. Love you always."

"Leslie Jones just KILLED IT talking about the abortion bans on SNL and I sobbed like a baby," a third person tweeted.

Jones tackled the subject that has dominated the news cycle this week, as many other celebrities have. Like other commentators, she was horrified by the idea of 25 men passing laws on women's health, with very little input from female lawmakers. In addition, Jost echoed other voices in calling the new law "part of a larger effort to overturn Roe v Wade."


"Why do all these weird ass men care what women chose to do with they bodies anyway?" Jones wondered. "I don’t care what you do with your 65-year-old droopy ass balls."

For many fans, Jones' monologue was the perfect fiery send-off for SNL's season finale. The show will be back for Season 45 this fall.