'Game of Thrones' Drinking Game for Season 8 Will Bring out Your Inner Tyrion

Most fans of Game of Thrones don't need too much incentive to watch the show. At this point, most are invested in the story to the point that it is an event that can't be missed each week.

But for others, it's always fun to toss in a few more aspects to ensure each week is a fun viewing experience. Like a drinking game.

Some enterprising risk takers over at Reddit decided to come up with a handy Game of Thrones drinking game connected to the things fans will likely see on the screen. They keep it pretty simple, but they might actually keep it a little too simple considering how many times we've seen some of these things in the past.

The idea is you take a drink each time a character does something specific. For season 8 of the show, the hurdles for drinking are pretty low and make you wonder if the people behind this specific game were just looking for an excuse for their existing habits.

Either way, it exists and it is here for you to use if you feel like you need to add some extra layers to your viewing experience.

If Dany says "Dracarys," Jorah calls Dany "Khaleesi" or "my queen" or if someone takes a drink, you need to toss a drink back too. You better have a drink ready if a dragon roars too, meaning episode one was likely full of drunken people.

Considering Jamie Lannister is a big part of this week's episode, seeing his golden hand in the frame will be a proper excuse to take a drink. In a similar vein, if Cersei ends up being condescending at any point, you're free to take a drink. You might need it.

Bran was likely another reason for some folks having a rough Monday morning following the premiere, his creepy stare went viral for a reason. The game notes that if his eyes roll back, you take a drink. Arya also provided some excuses, with the game making any time she mentions her sword or her long-awaited reunion with Jon Snow getting marked as "drinking" moments.

Finally, we get to the potential hospital visit level of this drinking game. It states that players should take a drink whenever Tormund looks at Brienne of Tarth, whenever The Hound curses and whenever Jon Snow kills a wight.

The last one alone means episode 3 will see an influx of visits to emergency rooms, though The Hound's filthy mouth is sure to be a close second if he makes an appearance in the episode.

With such a short season, it isn't too hard to see why the game is so simple. There isn't a lot of time to dip into some of the deeper moments that could've made an appearance on this list.

Anyway, enjoy playing and pretend you're a hidden Targaryen yourself. That could end up being some sort of special drink you need to take, right at the end of the night.


Take a drink if:

Dany says "Dracarys"
Jorah calls Dany "Khaleesi" or "my queen"
Someone in the show takes a drink
A dragon roars
Jamie's golden hand is in the frame
Cersei says something condescending
Bran's eyes roll back
Arya mentions her sword when she reunites with Jon
Tormund looks at Brienne
The House curses
Jon kills a wight (technically extra credit)