'Arrested Development' Stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Involved in Taxi Crash

Will Arnett and Jason Bateman were in a car accident on Monday, and this time it wasn't a stunt for Arrested Development.

The two actors were in a taxi cab in New York City on Monday evening along with two other people, according to a report by TMZ. Witnesses saw the actors riding by Madison Square Park when their driver ran into a small car in front of them.

Police were called for the accident, but all parties involved appeared to be okay. No one was taken to the hospital; however, police said that the driver of the sedan complained about back pain. Arnett and Bateman were kind enough to stick around and talk to the police.

The two actors were in New York along with most of the Arrested Development cast this as part of a press tour for the show's fifth season. After five long years off, Arrested Development is returning to Netflix with eight new episodes on Tuesday, May 29.

Part of that press tour included an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio on Sirius XM, where the cast discussed the eerie similarities between the plot of season 4 and the president's current immigration plan.

"There are so many Trump references this season," the interviewer noted. "Are you worried he's going to start tweeting about you guys?"

"Yeah, super worried about it," said Arnett sarcastically. "What's so great is how he was able to sort of shoehorn his way into our narrative that we actually created, with the wall and everything. Years before. It's like a f–ing gift from the heavens."

"The wall was my idea," added Jessica Walter, who plays Lucille Bluth.

"Will's got an interesting point there, though," David Cross said. "The stuff that was happening in season 4, that we're continuing in season 5 — that part of the story — that's Trump's whole thing now. And that was years before. And the Bluths are horrible, awful people, so you make the connection as you will."


While fans are ecstatic for new episodes of Arrested Development, season 4 was not an absolute hit. The show's first foray into the streaming world was met with mixed reviews, as it was made in a unique, non-linear style and rarely featured more than two or three cast members in the same place at the same time.

Earlier this month, a re-cut version of the season was added to Netflix. It tries to make a more conventional sitcom season out of the experiment. It was meant to prepare fans for the forthcoming new episodes.