'Saturday Night Live' Parodies the Royal Wedding's Reception

With the royal wedding taking place hours earlier, Saturday Night Live decided to have some fun with one of their sketches this week by having it set during the evening reception at the Frogmore House.

The sketch was set up to where Prince Harry, played by Mikey Day, was hosting a video going around talking to all of the guests.

The skit started off with Harry explaining that his new wife Meghan Markle was "kicking out" her white relatives, then briefly stopped to talk to one of her relatives from the African American side of her family.

Cecily Strong then appeared as Kate Middleton, wearing a hat similar to the one she wore during the wedding ceremony that some fans on Twitter referred to as a potato chip. She was also noticeably intoxicated.

"Well you know for the past six years I've been pregnant the whole time, so I'm going hard tonight," Strong said. When asked how much she had to drink, she revealed it was only one glass of champagne.

Harry then stopped by his father's table, with Beck Bennett playing Prince Charles. he could only get one-word answers out of him.

The camera then panned over to Kate McKinnon as Queen Elizabeth, who appeared to be very uncomfortable as Kenan Thompson (playing Markle's fictional great uncle) chatted with her.

"I was just telling Her Majesty that she's got to start watching The Crown," Thompson said. "Because they make her look like a b— on that show!"

"This gentleman has said that I also must visit Philadelphia," McKinnon responded.

Harry then walked over to Alex Moffat, playing Harry's brother Prince William. William was noticeably sober while carrying a fake baby in a baby carrier. The bantered a bit before William got up and started twerking, but stopped when they both noticed they were spotted by Elizabeth.

Harry walked into the next room where she met a number of other cast stars, including Heidi Gardner as one of the girls from Deal or No Deal and Aidy Bryant as Sir Elton John.


He eventually made his way over to Leslie Jones, who was playing herself. She joked that she was invited after tweeting about the wedding two days ago, referencing how her Twitter presence earned her a spot as part of NBC's covering of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The real evening reception wrapped horus prior to the sketch, ending with a massive fireworks show.