'Bull' Season Finale Ends With Heart Attack Cliffhanger

Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly), the protagonist of the CBS legal drama Bull, was left in peril at the end of the show's season 2 finale after suffering a heart attack.

After successfully saving a man from death row, Bull exits the court house and sits on the court house steps. He appears out of breath and falls back onto the ground.

As a soul song plays, Bull calls 911 and calmly tell the dispatcher he will hold.

A child then walks by and asks what's wrong before being pulled away from the "strange man" by his mother.

The dispatcher then reconnects, and Bull informs her he thinks he is having a heart attack in front of the courthouse. Ambulance is then dispatched to his location.

It is unclear what Bull's condition is, as the episode then ends.

Fans of the CBS legal drama immediately took to Twitter to cent about the cliffhanger, which most were not expecting.

"What a cliff hanger???? We have to wait???" one fan wrote. "Bull, you cannot have a heart attack. Ready for (the) season opener."

Another fan added, "Nooo you can’t end the season on that note."

Other fans were also blown away by Bull's cool nature during the incident, with some attributing it to Bull's personality and others thinking it was a dumb decision.

"Are you joking?" one fan wrote. "'I’ll hold to 911,' while you’re having a heart attack?"

Others also pointed out how dozens of people passed by Bull as he was suffering the cardiac episode. The only person who cared was the child, with his mother making him leave the area.

"I can’t believe no one stops to help but the kid," fan Melissa Loquist wrote. "Sad commentary on today’s society."

Weatherly has not yet commented on the cliffhanger, presumably to keep from spoiling for West Coast viewers and those who could not catch the episode live.


Bull airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS