Alice Cooper Rocks as King Herod in 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live'

Midway through NBC's live broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live on Sunday, the show was kicked into overdrive by having rock icon Alice Cooper appear as King Herod.

The "School's Out" singer, with microphone in hand and dancing showgirls at his side, performed "King Herrod's Song (Try and See It)" with ease. His performance earned a standing ovation inside the theater and a rousing applause from fans watching at home.

"Alice Cooper, man. King Herod. Perfect role for him," one user wrote.

"Alice Cooper is SO MUCH BETTER than I braced myself for," another tweeted.

"Alice Cooper is killing it!" chimed in another user.

"Does anyone else think that Alice Cooper just had this amazing outfit in his closet? And maybe also the scepter?" wrote one.


"I'm just saying, I've never seen Alice Cooper and Steve Carrell in the same room," the stunned user joked.

"I never knew I needed to see Alice Cooper as King Herod. But apparently, I really, really did," a fan tweeted.