'This Is Us' Resolves Last Week's Deja Cliffhanger

This Is Us revealed what happened after the Feb. 27 cliffhanger, which saw Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) Pearson finding out Déjà (Lyric Ross) is homeless.

The previous episode, entitled "Vegas, Baby;" ended with the couple going to their former foster child's home to see how she and her mother, Shauna (Joy Brunson), are doing. However, they are told the pair do not live there anymore. They walk outside the apartment building and find the mother and daughter sleeping in a car.

The new episode, "This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life," spends most of its run time digging into Déjà's backstory. Things eventually catch up to present day, with the moments after the Pearsons' discovery being shown.

After waking Déjà and Shauna, Randall and Beth invite them into their home.

"This is just temporary," Shauna says.

Beth replies, "I mean, we'll sort it all out. Stay here tonight, eat a good meal. We don't have to decide anything now. I'm sure you want to wash up, settle in."

They then spend time with the Pearsons, eating a good dinner, playing UNO and talking about their current situation.

Shauna seems embarrassed but grateful for the help. She then confesses to Beth that she feels like a failure to her daughter.

"I failed Déjà," Shauna says. "I failed her, and I can't keep failing her. You know what I always say to her? 'What would I do without you?' I've been saying that to her since she was 5. Who puts that on a kid?"

At the end of the episode, Shauna then reveals she is leaving the Pearson home without Déjà.


This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, with past episodes currently streaming on Hulu.

Photo Credit: NBC / Ron Batzdorff