'Saturday Night Live': Leslie Jones Raves About Winter Olympics Trip

Leslie Jones is back from South Korea and raved about her amazing experience during the Winter Olympics on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update."

Jones went to Pyeongchang to contribute to NBC's coverage of the 2018 winter games, which was "awesome."

"I am a six-foot black woman. You think I stand out in America?" Jones told Colin Jost. "Everyone in Korea was four-foot-one. They either thought I was an athlete or a god. Some of them even thought I was a Transformer, but a Transformer doesn't eat Korean barbecue like that."

During her segment, Jones said she did not like the winter games as much as the summer ones, but she learned to love them. She loved seeing snowboarders on the "hash pipe" and she loved the thighs on the bobsleders.

But her favorite event turned out to be hockey, which she called "violence on ice." She also loved the penalty box.

"Let me tell you something, if I played hockey, they would call me 'Penalty Box Jones,' 'cause that's where I would be the whole game," Jones said.

Jones also said the women are better than the men. After all, the American women won gold and the men did not medal. Jost offered to give Jones a few pointers, but she dismissed him as "so white." Besides, she already has a friend who can teach her a few pointers.

She then brought out Hilary Knight, who won a gold medal with Team USA women's hockey team.

Knight got a big applause from the audience. Knight and Jones then embarrassed Jost for suggesting he could teach Jones anything.


SNL fans loved the segment.

Photo credit: NBC