'The Good Doctor' Fans Love Chris D'Elia as Shaun's New Neighbor Kenny

Comedian Chris D'Elia stars as Dr. Shaun Murphy's new neighbor in The Good Doctor. Fans of the show were surprised to see him show up in the previous episode and loved seeing him again in "She."

At the end of the previous episode, "Seven Reasons," we were introduced to the new neighbor. D'Elia's character Kenny moved in after Lea (Paige Spara) moved to live with her family in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

D'Elia confirmed on Instagram that he appears in a "bunch" of episodes for the rest of The Good Doctor's freshman season. Based on the reaction from fans, he is more than welcome to come back.

The episode started with Kenny asking Shaun to use his television before the cable guy comes. Kenny is also puzzled by Shaun refusing to sign up for cable.

One fan wondered if Kenny will have to go to the hospital so they have to say, "Oh my god, they killed Kenny," a reference to South Park.

The Good Doctor fans welcomed D'Elia with open arms.

One fan hopes Kenny turns out to be a good guy, and not someone who uses Shaun.

Others are not fans of Kenny, who always comes in through Shaun's back door.

It is clear that Shaun is open to becoming friends with Kenny. He opens up about where he got the stuff in his apartment.

After helping a transgender patient at the hospital, Shaun asks Kenny to help him pick the lock for the pool. He just floats, and does not swim around at all. What is he doing?

"Understanding," Shaun replies.

Photo Credit: ABC / Jeff Weddell