New 'Westworld' Teaser Released Ahead of Super Bowl

Westworld fans have gotten another peek of what the series has in store for its second season, with the show's Twitter account dropping a new, rather electronic teaser on Friday morning.

The clip, which features no footage and is comprised of electronic messages, begins with two lines from an unknown user flashing on the screen.

"If you can see this message, please get help," the plea reads.

That message is then overridden, with text appearing that celebrates the park's planned new narrative, Journey Into Night.

Next comes a message from a user purported to be Charlotte Hale, which reads that the narrative unveiling was successful.

"Ford took it in stride," the message reads. "Restructure/management downsizing on track."

This appears to be a veiled way to indicate that Dr. Ford and the majority of management were killed at the end of the Season 1 finale, which could be looked at as downsizing if one so desires.

The tweet itself takes users to a website for Delos Inc., the company that controls the park, specifically to a page of corporate alerts. The first post, titled "New and Exciting Things Ahead," at first shares a few of Delos' plans before offering a clue into Westworld's upcoming season at the bottom.

"There will be a creative show-and-tell for senior leadership this week—we’ve heard from everyone except Westworld," the post reads. "We are aware that Journey into Night celebrations are currently taking place, but all applicable executives at Westworld, please respond to the calendar invite immediately. Normal operations must continue."

As fans know, the Season 1 finale saw Ford unveil his new narrative, Journey Into Night, in front of executives in the park. At the end of the episode, nearly everyone is killed by the hosts, so they can't exactly respond to the calendar invite Delos had issued.

The line "we've heard from everyone except Westworld" could also be an indication that there are other parks besides Westworld, something that was seemingly confirmed in the season finale with the apparent existence of Samurai World.

Season 2 of Westworld is slated to premiere on HBO sometime this year, and a new trailer will debut during Sunday's Super Bowl.

Photo Credit: HBO