Kirk Douglas Slammed During Golden Globes Presentation

Kirk Douglas received a standing ovation at the Golden Globes Sunday night, but Twitter users slammed Hollywood for honoring the 101-year-old at an event where many spoke out against sexual harassment.

It's been rumored for decades that Douglas, who turned 101 last month, raped Natalie Wood. Viewers at home didn't forget this, and criticized the Globes for celebrating Douglas' career, with his daughter-in-law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, by his side.

Wood was reportedly raped as a teenager, and it's unclear who the male star was. She was reportedly discouraged from reporting the rape to police by her mother. Suzanne Finstad, who wrote Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood, only described the rapist as a "powerful, married movie star," the BBC reported in 2001.

Douglas' wife, Anne Douglas, also wrote in a 2017 book that Douglas "never tried to hide" his affairs with other women.

“Kirk never tried to hide his dalliances from me,” Anne wrote. “As a European, I understood it was unrealistic to expect total fidelity in a marriage.”

Douglas won two Golden Globes, including the 1968 Cecil B. DeMille Award.