Read 'Big Brother' HOH JC Mounduix's Touching Letter From Home


Read 'Big Brother' HOH JC Mounduix's Touching Letter From Home

'Kevin Can Wait' Fans Are Still Divided Over Leah Remini's Role

Kevin Can Wait is already three episodes deep into its sophomore season, and fans are still divided on Leah Remini's character, Vanessa.

After the show killed off Kevin's wife Donna (Erinn Hayes) without so much as a two-sentence explanation, fans are seeing where the story line is going between Kevin and Vanessa, his business partner.

After all, she's already a character who can walk in with a casual "hey, hey", plop her stuff on the table and reveal her story line for the week. Plus, they've already gone on a stakeout together (and then carnival) — and now, Vanessa is helping Kevin decipher whether or not his teenage daughter has a girlfriend.

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While CBS likely promoted Remini to a series regular for season 2 because of the energy and chemistry she shares with Kevin James (hoping for a ratings boost), many fans are still unhappy, and frankly confused, about the cast addition.

But other viewers can't get enough of the chemistry between the two lead actors.

And with guest stars left and right, it's pretty obvious that the network is working hard to keep Kevin fans entertained. But will guest appearances and Remini's continued presence be enough to overcome its low ratings?

Kevin Can Wait airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.