YouTube Star Furry Potato Shot by Guard While Filming Outside Synagogue

A YouTube star who goes by the moniker Furry Potato was recently shot by a security guard while filming outside of a synagogue.

According to The Daily Beast, transgender YouTube star Zhoie Perez was live-streaming for her channel outside the Etz Jacob Torah Center in Los Angeles when the incident took place.

The stream opened with Perez standing on the sidewalk by the synagogue, and the security officer on the other side of the facility's gate holding a gun in plain sight. Perez states that the guard "just pulled a gun on me," and continues to film the man.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Perez stated that the guard told her that he would "shoot" her "dead." The guard then asked why she is recording, but Perez does not respond. She then again stated for the streaming audience that the guard told her he would shoot her dead, but this appears to be undocumented by the recording.

After another minute or so of filming, Perez began to announce her location, and the guard seemed to holster his weapon. He then drew it again and demanded that she "get away" as she appeared to move closer to the gate.

Suddenly, a shot is heard, and Perez begins to run away screaming, "The f—er shot me in the leg." As she raised the camera again, the guard is seen telling her that it was a "warning shot" and that she should "get away."

The guard then returns to his post as Perez writhes in pain. About 10 minutes later first responders show up and begin to question and search Perez.

Eventually Perez was put in an ambulance and treated by EMTs who were transporting her to a local hospital. This is where the stream ends.

The Daily Beast reports that Perez identifies herself as "a First Amendment auditor," which is "a YouTube genre in which participants show up at places like post offices or power plants, start filming and capture the police reaction on tape."

Later, in the comments on her YouTube video, someone identifying themselves as "Mrs. Potato" provided an update on what happened following the shooting.


"Guard is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Please stop making comments about Jewish people, they had nothing to do with this and I will delete them . This was one lone security guard, he said it was a warning shot. He shot through the gate at an unarmed person. I believe the shot hit the gate and fragmented to its inertia was dampened by the gate impact," the update read. "There were innocent people in the area which made it far more dangerous, What it does highlight is how utterly untrained these guards are. Unlike police their reactions are not kept trained."

Perez's condition is unknown at this time.