XXXTentacion Fans Jump off Roofs Following His Alleged Murder

Hundreds of XXXTentacion fans took to the streets in Los Angeles Tuesday night following the rapper's apparent murder. Some put their lives at risk by jumping from building rooftops to honor the 20-year-old who police say was shot and killed during an armed robbery Monday afternoon.

Fans paid tribute to the rapper by climbing on top of vehicles, swarming streets and sidewalks and scaling buildings on Melrose Avenue. Chants from crowds grew louder as a congregation of several hundred began at 8 p.m. and grew from there.

Multiple news crews arrived and Los Angeles County Sheriff's department helicopters flew above the scene as officers in riot gear descended upon the crowd that began peacefully.

TMZ reports that around 10 p.m. PT, officers fired rubber bullets and pepper bullets into the crowd after participants started to throw rocks. By 10:18 p.m., authorities gained control of the situation and the crowd had almost entirely dispersed, the news outlet reports.

Complex's Eric Diep reported that police from a helicopter ordered participants off the roofs or risk getting arrested for trespassing.

Fans were gathered to honor XXXTentacion, who was pronounced dead at a southern Florida hospital Monday after being shot in Deerfield Beach outside a motorcycle dealership. The 20-year-old was awaiting trial for domestic abuse charges pressed against him by his ex-girlfriend.

Fans of the rapper have played a large part in the aftermath of his death, with many helping detectives find suspects in the shooting shortly after it took place. Broward County investigators were reportedly directed to a "ton of social media posts" by concerned members of the public, according to The Blast.

One post in particular appears to be investigators' biggest lead. The post was shared by another rapper, Soldier Kidd, on Sunday, the day before XXXtentacion's death.

"xxxTentacion gone get shot tomorrow," he wrote at 12:56 pm. on Sunday. On Monday, the same account posted a photo of three men posing at a gas station in front of a black SUV, matching the description of the shooters' getaway vehicle. A third photo showed a red mask that matched the description that a witness said one of the shooters was wearing.

Soldier Kidd denied any involvement in the killing on Monday evening, sharing footage from the murder scene followed by numerous clips of himself saying he had not shot the rapper.

"I didn't even know who the man was," he said. "All my condolences go to the man's family and what not. I just had to get on the 'gram and let y'all know I had nothing to do with it."


Tuesday afternoon, Soldier Kidd's posts took an even more bizarre turn, claiming that he knew who committed the murder and that he'd reveal it if 100,000 people followed him.

Police said they were continuing to follow up on potential leads. Broward County police are offering a $3,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.