World's Largest Aquarium Explodes, Killing Thousands of Fish and Spilling Over 200,000 Gallons of Water

The world's largest aquarium experienced a major explosion on Friday, and the aftermath is tragic. According to Gizmodo, the explosion at Berlin's AquaDom aquarium, in Germany, killed thousands of fish and spilled over 200,000 gallons of water. The outlet cited the Berlin police Twitter page, which reported that authorities and aquarium personnel are dealing with "unbelievable maritime damage."

The explosion quickly caught the attention of guests, with one tweeting out, "Bro what the f— the fish tank of my hotel just exploded in the middle of the night WHATS GOING ON." The user also shared some video footage, which revealed how extensive the destruction is. Known for being the world's largest cylindrical aquarium, the AquaDom is located inside the Radisson Collection Hotel in Berlin, and is partially connected to the Sea Life experience, but is not managed by the company.

The Sea Life website has since been updated with a statement "regarding the incident that occurred in the early hours of the morning today," from Marcel Kloos, Regional Manager at Merlin Entertainments. "We are aware of the unprecedented incident that has taken place at the AquaDom, which is a unique structure situated close to our aquarium," Kloos said. "Our teams at SEA LIFE have offered support to the teams at AquaDom, as our priority is the safety and [well-being] of all the people and animals involved. Our teams are working hard to prepare all available habitats to support with rehoming any AquaDom animals that need our help as soon as possible."

Providing some "background" details, the statement added, "This is an isolated incident with the AquaDom which is situated near to SEA LIFE Berlin, within in the foyer of the Radisson Blu hotel in central Berlin. Whilst the AquaDom experience is included within entry tickets and marketing activity, it is not part of the SEA LIFE Berlin aquarium. The lift within the AquaDom is included as part of SEA LIFE entry, however we do not operate the display, and the AquaDom is not owned by Merlin Entertainments."

The statement continued, "The incident at the AquaDom was unique and unprecedented. The AquaDom is a unique, independently owned structure, the design of which we do not have replicated within the SEA LIFE group of aquariums. The health and safety of our guests, staff and the animals in our care remains our number one priority and is engrained in all we do as central to our values and principles. Our dedicated animal welfare team at SEA LIFE Berlin are preparing all available care habitats to ensure when the time allows, we can rescue and rehome any animals that need our help."