Woman's Kind Encounter With a Stranger Is Inspiring People to Share Pictures of Their Birthmarks

Crystal Hodges was born with a port-wine stain birthmark that covers part of her face. She is used to fielding questions about it, but a recent encounter with a stranger inspired her to share a different kind of response.

"Standing in line at the post office today, there was a middle-aged worker helping us. Looking at me, he spoke up, 'Do you mind if I ask you a question?'" she recalled to Love What Matters. "Almost instantly, I knew he was probably about to ask me about my birthmark. (As 99.999% of questions from total strangers are about that very topic.) Replying with a smile, I told him, 'Sure.'"

Except the man behind the counter didn't actually have a question.

"Then, instead of asking me a question, he told me, 'My daughter has the same birthmark as you do. And actually, so does my niece. I know many people can be unkind with how they react to birthmarks like yours, but just ignore them. You are beautiful,'" the 24-year-old shared.

She went on to thank the stranger for his kindness. The post about their sweet interaction has gone viral and the man's words have had an impact beyond his one customer.


It is inspiring others to share pictures of themselves and their children, proudly displaying their birthmarks.