Woman Reportedly Gives Birth While in a Coma, Can't Remember If She's a Mom

In one of the more unusual stories recently, a woman reportedly gave birth while in a coma, but can't remember if she's a mom. According to Cafe Mom, Queensland, Australia native Caitlin Stubbs was 32 weeks pregnant when she suffered a brain aneurysm, and had to be rushed to the hospital. She fell into a coma, which concerned the doctors, leading them to make the decision to take the baby via C-section. The newborn spent weeks in the NICU, while her mother was fighting for her own life. Eventually, Stubbs woke up and even as her condition was getting better, she would have trouble remembering what happened, including that she was pregnant.

A family member set up a GoFundMe in order to raise money for Stubbs, her husband Jonathon, and their new daughter Quinn.

In the fundraiser description, it is explained, "Caitlin's time in ICU was the battle of her life. She had to fight numerous infections in her brain and ongoing bleeds in her brain. She needed help to breathe. Thankfully from the amazing care of the medical team at the Royal Brisbane she has been making slow but significant progress."

"The reality for Caitlin and Jonathon and their baby Quinn is a future filled with uncertainty over a very long recovery. She will need extensive rehabilitation plus future surgeries not limited to but including the removal of the AVM from her brain," the description adds. "She will require intensive Physiotherapy, OT and Speech Therapy among other remedial therapies.

"Caitlin's family have started this Go Fund me page in the hope that kind and generous donations will help ease the pressure on this young devastated family," the description continues. "Funds will be used to cover medical costs, treatments, a wheelchair and home modifications needed to get her home eventually. Baby Quinn and her Dad will also be needing support as he begins the care of a fragile newborn without the help of Caitlin.


"There has been so much amazing support and love for Caitlin and baby Quinn so far. They are truly blessed to have so many amazing people in their lives, THANKYOU so much. If you feel helpless and wish there was something you could do then this is it. Caitlin is a gorgeous young woman faced with an incredibly difficult future," the description section concludes. "Please help her to have a quality of life she deserves and to be a mother to her baby Quinn."