Woman Lived With Rotting Body Parts After Killing Husband, Police Say

An Ohio woman killed her husband and lived with his dismembered body parts in their home for months.

Marcia Eubank, 49, of Coventry Township, was arrested Saturday evening and charged with murder after the remains of her husband were discovered, the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

The couple's son, who had been living with them, alerted police to the scene after discovering the remains of his 54-year-old father. He allegedly had to climb through a window after being locked out. After smelling something foul and finding three containers with maggots near them, he texted his mom asking what was in them. Eubank texted back informing her son that it was his father's remains.

Police are still working to positively identify the badly decomposed remains, but Eubank admitted to shooting her husband in the back of the head on June 13 and then dismembering his body using power and hand tools, authorities claimed. It is believed that Howard Eubank was killed in a "domestic-related incident."

Police have not yet released a motive for the murder, but it is alleged that Eubank told authorities her reasons for killing her husband and keeping his remains in their house.


It has also been alleged that those close to Howard Eubank, who was a truck driver, believed that he was in Texas after they had received a text from him days after his murder claiming that he had moved to the state.

Eubank has been charged with murder and is being held at the Summit County Jail on $1 million bond.