Who Is Jared Black? Driver Seriously Injured in Kevin Hart's Car Accident

The car accident involving Kevin Hart has taken the Internet by storm. The actor suffered a serious back injury along with the driver. Another passenger, Rebecca Broxterman, was involved in the crash but came away unscathed.

The name of the driver was later revealed to be Jared Black.

Black is engaged to Broxterman. On social media, he goes by the last name of Stanton. He lives a pretty low key life as he maintains an Instagram account that is private.

He does have an IMDB page that details him as a producer, actor and director. According to the profile, his works include Delirium (2015), Vigilante Diaries (2016), and Red Letter (2018).

Black is 28 years old and resides in Beverly Hills. He got engaged to Broxterman in June. She is a personal fitness trainer who has a much more active social media.

She frequently shares photos and words of inspiration on her Instagram and her website.


"I see people each and every day that just seem to be looking for some sort of inspiration," Broxterman wrote on the Biti Brand site. "Half the time, the inspiration is right in front of them, yet they are still trying to seek it out. One of the things that inspires me the most is the beauty of this world and the beauty found within the people that surround me. I not only want to continue to be inspired but I want to forever inspire and pass creativity on to each individual that I am so lucky to meet in my lifetime."

According to reports, Black was not under the influence when the accident occurred on Sunday. Emergency units discovered Black pinned against the steering wheel. Officials had to saw off the roof of the car to get him out of the vehicle.