Whiskey Drinkers Should Be Aware of This Latest Recall

A heads up for whiskey drinkers, a recall issued this August might affect you. While no whiskey has been pulled from shelves, a vessel used to hold it has. Fiskars Group has recalled its Royal Doulton Lunar Decanter and Tumbler Set. Pieces in this glass set, the tumblers in particular, "could break during normal use" and "cause a laceration risk to the user," per New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (Hīkina Whakatutuki). Broken glass and alcohol are not a good combination, so users who own the Royal Doulton Lunar Decanter and Tumbler Set should return it to the point of purchase.

As recall alerts went out in Australia and New Zealand, Fiskars Group issued a statement on the recall. "Fiskars Group has taken action to voluntarily recall the Royal Doulton Lunar Decanter and Tumbler Set," the statement read. "Fiskars Group has discovered that Royal Doulton's Lunar Decanter Set, including a crystal decanter and four tumblers (drinking glasses), does not meet our high quality standards. The tumblers in question could break more easily during normal use and cause a laceration risk to the user. We have therefore decided to recall the whole Royal Doulton Lunar Decanter Set."

(Photo: New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment)

The company added, "We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We continually strive to meet our customers' and consumers' expectations in providing the highest quality products and will take all necessary steps to ensure we are meeting those needs."

The glassware was made available from Dec. 1, 2021, to July 25, 2022, from the Australian Royal Doulton website as retailers MYER, David Jones, Ballantynes, Smith & Caughey, and David Jones Wellington Concession. There were also made available for purchase via David Jones Online.

The set is also identifiable with these details:

  • product code 1063080
  • product code 2370101
  • local Australian item No. 2379101
  • EAN 0701587468862
  • SAP code 1063080
  • Barcode 0701587468862.

Regarding the return process, the company states: "All stock has been requested to be removed from all points of sale. If you have purchased the item described above, please return it to the store for a refund. ... The recall notification to consumers instructs them to return the product to the retailer or stockiest from which it was purchased with a receipt for a full refund. In case they do not have a receipt, return the product to the retailer or stockiest from which it was purchased without a receipt for a refund." For more information, customers can contact Fiskars Australia via its website (www.royaldoulton.com.au) or its contact email (Australia.orders@fiskars.com).