They've Identified Where Most UFOs Are Sighted

The world may never know for sure if aliens are real, but it now knows the most likely places to spot UFOs.

In a recent episode of the podcast Stuff They Don't Want You to Know, hosts Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick, and Noel Brown dove into the topic of unidentified flying objects, revealing where the most sightings occur, HowStuffWorks reports.

With 2,500 sightings per 10,000 people, you are most likely to see UFOs in the United States and Canada. But if you're really hoping to spot an unidentified object flying in the sky, head over to California, where 16,000 reports of UFOs have been filed since 2001.

It's believed that the Golden State's large population is reason for it earning the title of the state with the most UFO sightings. With 34 million people, there are more eyes looking up. Some believers would even state that California's ties to the military could be reason for the sightings. The state alone has 50 military bases, and it also borders Nevada, where the military has millions of acres of testing facilities, including the infamous Area 51.

Average citizens aren't the only people spotting UFOs, either. A recent video released showed an encounter that a Navy jet had with an unidentified object flying in the sky off the coast of San Diego. They described it as looking like a "40-foot-long Tic Tac" that was rapidly maneuvering and changing course.


The release of the video followed the release of a report that revealed the Defense Department has spent at least $22 million on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which was allegedly shut down in 2012.

The program reportedly has countless videos of UFO encounters by military personnel, interviews about firsthand accounts, physiological studies of those who have come into contact with the strange aircrafts, and possibly samples of strange technology.