Here's What the 'P' in IHOP Now Means

IHOB is no more. On Monday, June 3, the former International House of Burgers revealed that it was flipping the “b” back to a “p” to once again become IHOP.

The change, which was confirmed in a tweet, is part of a new marketing campaign for its new “pancakes,” which is really a trio of new menu offerings: the all-new all-natural Black Angus beef burgers.

The name change, according to the accompanying video, is thanks to a Twitter user named Chandler, who advised the restaurant chain to “stick to what you’re good at. Pancakes.”

“When we launched our new Ultimate Steakburgers last year, what better way to show the world that we take our burgers as seriously as we take our pancakes than by announcing that we’d be changing our name to IHOb … temporarily,” Brad Haley, chief marketing officer at IHOP, said in a statement, Us Weekly reports.

“We’re listening to the Internet this year by calling our new Steakburgers ‘Pancakes,’” he added. “And, so many people asked us why we didn’t have a pancake burger last year that we’ve even added a ‘Pancake’ with a pancake in it: The Big IHOP Pancake … Burger.”

The new burgers include the Garlic Butter “Pancake,” the Loaded Philly “Pancake” and the Big IHOP “Pancake,” which actually boasts a buttermilk pancake griddled with cheddar cheese and layered between two premium Steakburger patties. The other two “pancakes” are actually steakburgers.

The beloved restaurant chain had first teased the big name change on May 27, revealing in a tweet that they would be turning the “b” in their name upside down, once again making them “IHOP,” though they teased that fans would have to wait until June 3 to find out what the new letter stood for.

Of course, many followers had correctly guessed that IHOP would be saying homage to its namesake food, pancakes. Many more, however, had a bit more fun, suggesting that the “p” could stand for anything from “International House of Pizza” to “Pokémon cards.”


The switch back to IHOP comes just a year after the restaurant chain faced heat for changing the “p” to a “b.” The change had been part of a promotion for newest burgers, including the Big Brunch and the Cowboy BBQ, all of which are be made with 100 percent USDA Choice beef, though it did not sit well with fans.

Following the announcement that its new moniker would be IHOB, the chain had faced swift backlash, leading them to release a statement in which they promised that they would “never turn our back on pancakes (except for that time we faked it to promote our new burgers).”