Wendy's Threw Some Major Shade on Twitter This Year

This being the year 2017, plenty of restaurants have Twitter accounts, but perhaps none are quite as shady as Wendy's. The incredibly sassy account never fails to make its followers laugh, usually by roastings its fast-food competitors like Burger King and McDonald's. Below is a sampling of the best shade thrown by Wendy's in 2017.

1. McDonald's Black Friday mishap

After McDonald's mistakenly tweeted without the actual copy and link for the tweet, Wendy's responded with a dig aimed at McDonald's ice cream machines.

2. In fact, Wendy's seems to enjoy roasting McDonald's as much as possible.

3. Burger King has also received its fair share of shade as well.

4. As has KFC.

5. The account also has no trouble roasting its own followers.


Well played, Wendy's.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Wendys