Wendy's Giving Away Free Cheeseburgers All Month

Who wants a free cheeseburger... every day this month? Wendy's is giving away the deal of a lifetime throughout September, just in time for National Cheeseburger Day on Sept. 18.

Throughout the rest of the month of September, the fast food chain is offering a free Dave's Single cheeseburger when you purchase another item through their mobile app.

What sets this deal apart from other mobile app deal, like Chick-fil-A's free eight-piece chicken nugget, for example, is that Wendy's deal isn't a one-time thing; it can be redeemed once per day.

"Unlike traditional offers that expire after one use, this offer will refresh daily, giving consumers a daily dose of fresh, never frozen beef," the press release says.

The burger company has been advertising the deal from its official Twitter account, where it's not afraid to call out other fast food chains for what it perceives as lesser quality food.

"Y'all want free food?" Wendy's tweeted on Sunday. "Free Dave's Single with purchase. Every single day for the rest of September. Just get our app. You're welcome."

In another tweet sent Tuesday, the chain wrote, "It's TuesDave. That means you get a free Dave's Single with purchase in the app." Then it took a shot at McDonald's, who it frequently criticizes for its frozen beef: "That's way better than eating the frozen beef that's in some other apps."

Along with that snarky comment, the brand has launched a brand new attack ad on McDonald's. In the 30-second spot, the Ohio-based chain calls the Golden Arches' burgers "dry and... [not] hot enough." It cites a Fast Company article that blames the company's flash-freezing process that the burgers go through, then lists burgers on the McDonald's menu that it says are flash frozen.

But McDonald's and (and other fast food restaurants) may be taking Wendy's lead. Recently, McDonald's began rolling out fresh beef in its Quarter Pounders — but Wendy's is still pushing back against that announcement.

"McDonald's announcement today is basically saying that in about a year or so, only ONE of their hamburgers will be made with fresh beef and not even in all of their restaurants," Wendy's chief concept and marketing officer Kurt Kane told PEOPLE.


To get your hands on your free cheeseburger all month long, use the Wendy's mobile app by downloading it on the Apple app store or get it on Google Play.