Wendy's Blames McDonald's for Super Bowl Snafu

The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles may have been battling it out on the field, but Wendy's and McDonald's were battling it out online on Super Bowl Sunday.

When one of the most-watched events in TV went dark for nearly 30 seconds, leaving many fans wondering if something was wrong with their TV, fast food chain Wendy's, who is known for their tongue-in-cheek sass and for taking aim at the Golden Arches, placed the blame on McDonald's.

"Y'all freeze that live feed?" the burger chain, which was founded by Dave Thomas in 1969, asked McDonald's.

The 30 seconds of dead air was actually due to equipment failure, which an NBC spokesperson explained in a statement, but that didn't stop Wendy's from targeting McDonald's.

This isn't the first time that the fast food chain has taken aim at McDonald's, having spent the better half of the past year taking shots at the chain with their characteristic sass. On Jan. 29, Wendy's launched a full-on assault against the Golden Arches, taking aim at their flash frozen beef with a 15 second clip they shared on Twitter.

On Jan. 24, National Compliment Day, Wendy's served up beef by sarcastically complimenting that their competitor is "absolutely amazing at freezing beef."

While it's true McDonald's is known for using frozen beef patties, a recent report indicated that they are exploring the "fresh, never-frozen beef patties" option that Wendy's is famous for.


It's been reported that the Golden Arches franchise is testing out "fresh, never-frozen beef patties" in several restaurant's around Tulsa, Oklahoma. No word on when, or if, they'll branch out in to other regional markets.

McDonald's has also begun rolling out the McVegan Burger, which is currently being offered in Sweden and Finland. The McVegan, which has a similar presentation to the iconic Big Mac, offers a soy-based patty with lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, and mustard. Given its early success and popularity, it's expected that the plant-based burger will be hitting U.S. locations soon.