Watch: Woman Coughs on Customers in New York Bagel Shop Until Realizing She's Being Filmed

While most states are easing their coronavirus restrictions, guidelines still exist for people to practice social distancing and wear masks. Some businesses even require some of it to operate at certain stages. But as you can see in this viral video, some people don't think rules apply to them.

According to The Daily Dot, the video shows a woman at New York City Bagel & Coffee House in Astoria, Queens picking up food and coffee without her mask. She is arguing with a woman ordering food while wearing a mask, with the offending woman ridiculing her after overhearing a complaint to the employees at the store.

"You're a p—y, such a p—y," the woman can be heard saying in the video. "Say it to my face." Her order comes at around the same time, leading her to grab her stuff and move toward the masked woman for a final confrontation. That's when she begins to cough at the woman and her partner.

"What the f— is wrong with you?" the masked woman angrily asks. "You a—hole." The coughing woman then turns to walk out but notices she is being filmed for a split second. The look on her face registers the moment and echoes so many that have preceded, typically ending in disaster for people in her position. Many online noted the same thing, with Reddit summing it up best according to The Daily Dot.

"That split second where it registers that her life is about to become a nightmare due to internet justice," A Redditor posted to a thread after the video landed on the site. They also reached out to Ally Goodbaum, the masked woman being coughed on in the video, and noted that the coughing woman was doing it all over the drink bar without covering her mouth, prompting the complaint to staff.

New York City Bagel & Coffee House have a clear mask policy that wasn't enforced during the incident, even placing a sign on the door to inform patrons of their guidelines. The Daily Dot reached out and received a picture of the sign from the restaurant.

"FACE MASKS REQUIRED! ALL EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS MUST WEAR A FACE MASK OR A PROTECTIVE FACE COVERING!" the sign reads. Many have seen stress and frustration take over amid the pandemic, including during the earlier days of quarantine. The rush to "open up" the nation and different guidelines across state lines have proven an issue for many people. There is also a very loud contingent of people who protested to lift quarantine guidelines in their states, holding signs saying they wanted haircuts and wanted to go shopping. These protests quickly died down ahead of the George Floyd protests.


Goodbaum says she will not be returning to the store, saying it is just as accountable for the incident due to their lax enforcement of the policy. She also was shocked to learn that the woman in question is reported to be a former healthcare worker and possibly has another job in the industry.

"She's putting other people's lives at risk," Goodbaum told The Daily Dot. "It's [her employers] corporate social responsibility of trying to ensure that every single one of their employees knows how important these guidelines are, and how important it is to social distance. The fact that she thinks she's above it, and she's putting other people at risk—that doesn't make any sense."