Watch: Toddler's Reaction to Mother's Toy Unicorn Prank Is a Must See

Videos of surprised toddlers never go out of style, as made clear by the latest viral sensation involving a toddler and a stuffed unicorn.

The video shows Jessica Magyar's 2-year-old son shocked by Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn in a prank that has now gone viral.

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Earlier this month, Magyar posted two videos on Facebook. The first was the set-up, showing off how Glenda works. The toy is part of the "Feisty Pets" series, where you squeeze a cute stuffed animal and it turns into a scary monster.

"Bought this for the kids today," Magyar captioned the first video.

In the second, she shows off Glenda to her son Weston. At first, he's completely taken in by the cuteness of Glenda's good side. But when his mom squeezes the toy to reveal Glenda's bad side, poor Weston is so scared he tries to run away and begins crying.

"He's fine btw. He's asking to watch the video and is laughing at it," Magyar wrote.

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"The three other ones thought it was funny and laughed," Magyar of Watertown, Wisconsin told PEOPLE. "But Weston is my most fearless one, so I was expected him to do the same, but that didn't happen!"

Magyar told PEOPLE she was just as surprised by Weston's reaction as he was to the scary side of Glenda.

"I was just as surprised by his reaction as he was surprised by the toy! It was definitely not what I thought would happen with him," Magyar said. "He likes to be scary and growl at people, and scare everyone, so I thought he would find it funny!"

When she realized she traumatized her son, she felt bad and rushed to comfort him. After hugging, he calmed down and he's ok with it.

Since posting the videos, Weston has become a viral sensation. Magyar's post has over 1.19 million shares and over 332,000 comments. The second video of the stunned Weston has over 43 million views.


"My husband, Chris, thought the video went viral after it reached 200 shares, but I told him we needed thousands of shares to go viral!" Magyar told the publication with a laugh. "Then he gave up and said he doesn't know how going viral works."