Watch: Donald Trump and Reporter Jonathan Swan Go at It in New Axios Interview

A new interview between Axios and President Donald Trump made the rounds on Tuesday and created quite the conversation as Trump was pressed throughout the entire segment about the coronavirus pandemic. The one-on-one interview saw Jonathan Swan push Trump further than most interviewers get the chance to do, asking him to explain much of his answers.

One of the most talked-about clips was when Trump pulled out a few charts and graphs he had at the ready. This action was an attempt to disprove the notion that he has mismanaged the handling of COVID-19. The back-and-forth saw Swan balk at the idea of Trump comparing deaths with positive cases rather than deaths versus the population. Swan compared the situation to South Korea, which has seen just 300 deaths with 50 million people in the country, a figure that Trump questioned.

Continuing with the coronavirus, Trump reiterated that the spread is “under control.” When Swan mentioned the number of deaths, the president said, “they are dying, that’s true,” but added that “it is what it is.” This was a comment that caught some heat on social media, as many took it that he is brushing off all the lives that have been lost.

Another controversy that stemmed from the segment saw Trump belittling John Lewis, a civil rights leader who passed away on July 17. When asked by Swan how Trump believes Lewis’ legacy will be remembered, Trump chose to go a different route, instead bringing up how Lewis did not attend his inauguration. Swan attempted to give him a chance to talk about all that Lewis accomplished, asking him if he found his career impressive, but Trump continued to go back to the fact that he did not show up at his inauguration.


To watch the full interview between Swan and Trump, viewers can head over to Axios to catch the full sit-down discussion.