Watch: Conspiracy Theorist in 'BBQ Beer Freedom' Shirt Crashes Nevada Election Conference

An update from election officials in Nevada as votes in the state continue to be tallied was interrupted by a man in a "BBQ, BEER, FREEDOM" tank top. As Joe Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters addressed questions regarding the county’s uncounted ballots the man, in a moment captured in a now-viral video, ran up behind him and began shouting conspiracy theories about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and "the Biden crime family."

In the clip, the man, who has not been identified, alleges, without evidence, that "the Biden crime family is stealing this election" and "the media is covering it up!" As Gloria calmly stands by, the man continues his rant, shouting, "we want our freedom for the world! Give us our freedom Joe Biden! Joe Biden is covering up this election! He's stealing it!" The man eventually turned around and walked away, with Gloria seemingly unfazed as he turned back to the crowd of reporters, with one quipping, "where were we?"

The moment, coming amid an already tense election, immediately caught the attention of social media users, and the phrase "BBQ BEER FREEDOM" began trending on Twitter as users poked fun at the clip. Several people noted that their "favorite part about the BBQ BEER FREEDOM guy is that he definitely expected someone to bodily drag him away," though that did not happen, with those attending the press conference instead standing patiently by as he continued his rant. Another said that the moment may be "the most perfect crystallization of what's going on in the US. Ever." Another person joked that "Nevada seems to be doing....well?"

The incident came as Nevada's six electoral votes remain up for grabs with the potential of solidifying a win for Biden, who, according to a New York Times election results map, has 253 of the needed 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. The Associated Press, meanwhile, has Biden down for 264 electoral votes, having called Arizona a win for Biden. The former vice president holds a slight lead over Trump – 49.3% to 48.7%, or approximately 8,000 votes – in Nevada. The Secretary of State's Elections Division announced Wednesday that no further updates of election results would come until Thursday at 9 a.m. local time. It confirmed that the state had counted all the votes cast in person before and on Election Day as well as mail-in ballots received up to Tuesday.