Watch A Snake Throw Up Another Snake

Nature has a funny way of blowing your mind and letting you think you've seen it all, only to whip [...]

Nature has a funny way of blowing your mind and letting you think you've seen it all, only to whip out another stick of dynamite and blow your mind again with something you never expected to see. Like, a snake throwing up another snake.

In a video captured by YouTuber Christopher Reynolds, a medium sized black snake is seen with another smaller snake hanging out of its mouth.

As the video progresses, the smaller snake continues to slither out of the larger snake's mouth.

Eventually, it fully emerges and Reynolds exclaims, "That other snake's alive!"

See The Video Here

Yes. The smaller snake was not dead, but still living. Although, the possibility of it being a zombie snake cannot scientifically be ruled out yet.

In the video's description, Reynolds wrote, "My wife and I were leaving my mother's when I caught a glimpse of this snake while I drove past it. I stopped and backed up to take some photographs. Nina mentioned I should take some video. I am happy I did."

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This whole thing begs the question, "Are snakes cannibals?" To which the answer is, some of them, and sometimes.

Specifically, the King Snake is the most known to be cannibalistic, and some other snakes do eat their own occasionally. However, it's not commonplace or frequent.

Recently, a video of a large alligator eating another younger alligator went viral, and people began wondering if that was rare or common.

In the case of alligators, researchers believe they really only resort to cannibalism if they're starving and there's not a tasty deer or Labrador around.

Snakes have a similar reason for cannibalizing, but their cause does tend to lean heavier on dominance than hunger. It's not a bad defensive move either. If someone tried to eat you for walking on their lawn that would guarantee you'd never do it again.

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[H/T: Christopher Reynolds / YouTube]