Waffle House Customer Cooks His Own Food After Employees Fall Asleep

A South Carolina man says he walked into Waffle House one sleepless night to find that even the employees were getting better rest than he was.

Alex Bowen, 36, strolled into the Waffle House just a block away from his home in West Columbia to find all the employees asleep, so he took matters into his own hands.

Upon finding the restaurant empty, Bowens found the sleeping employees and decided not to disturb them. He fired up the grill and took the liberty of making himself a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt. Of course, while he was there he couldn't help snapping a few pictures for Facebook.

Bowens' viral post on Facebook features selfies he took throughout the restaurant — from the register, to the break room, to the kitchen. One even shows an employee snoozing in a chair.

Bowens cooked up his food and left without awakening anyone, though he went back the next morning to pay for it, he told reporters at ABC News.

"I was pretty inebriated," he confessed.

Bowens' post has been shared over three thousand times. After the story went viral, a Waffle House District Manager reached out to Bowens, thanking him for spotting such a fatal flaw in their business. Reports say the call ended with the manager asking if Bowens would like to work as a secret shopper for the company.


When asked for a statement, Waffle House clarified that they don't condone customers getting behind the counter.