19-Year-Old Father Arrested for Abusing and Killing 7-Week-Old Son

A Utah man is being held in jail without bail after he told police he "exploded" on a seven-week-old baby boy who would not stop crying.

According to a statement from the Clearfield Police Department, Clint Corydon Nokes, 19, was arrested on charges of child abuse homicide on Monday in Clearfield, Utah.

Nokes, the primary caretaker of the infant, who was named Hudson, told police he was "tired of the baby crying and finally exploded," the statement claims.

Police allege that Nokes described to them how he would "chuck [the baby] on the couch or chuck him in the swing." Nokes also allegedly told police that he "pulled [the baby's] leg and carried him by the leg from the living room into the kitchen" and that he "dropped the child in the kitchen sink and the baby struck his head."

Police were called to Nokes' home on Friday, Dec. 1 on a report of a child who had stopped breathing, police confirm. The police statement indicates that officers found Hudson unresponsive and showing obvious signs of abuse.

Nokes allegedly told investigators he had been burping the boy after a feeding, but that the child would not burp. According to the statement from police, he allegedly said the child went limp.

Hudson was rushed to a Salt Lake City hospital, where A CT scan was done on the baby, which showed a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, and detached retinas.

The doctor was unsure if the baby would survive, so the baby was transported to Primary Children's hospital, where Hudson later died from his injuries on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 1:25 a.m.

"It is believed [Nokes] caused the non-accidental and fatal injuries," police told WKRG.

An autopsy found the baby boy had a skull fracture, and his rib, left arm and right leg were all broken, the statement confirms. In addition, both of Hudson's optic nerves in the eyes showed signs of hemorrhaging.


It was unclear Thursday if Nokes has retained an attorney who could comment on his behalf. He is being held at Davis County Jail without bail, and charges are pending but he is facing child abuse homicide.

Photo credit: Davis County Jail