University of Notre Dame Tweets Clarification About Fire at the Iconic Structure in Paris

The raging inferno that has engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday has many shocked around the globe. The fire, that reportedly started by accident, has destroyed parts of the historic structure, including the iconic spire that sits atop the cathedral.

Many have sent well wishes and shared their thoughts on the structure, sharing some of its history and lamenting the damage to come. But there have also been a few who have confused it with the University of Notre Dame.

This confusion forced the university to release a statement to the public.

"A clarification: A fire is currently burning at [Notre Dame Cathedral], not the University of Notre Dame. Our prayers are with all those involved," the university wrote on Twitter.

More than one person was confused by the news about the fire, confusing the iconic structure in Paris, France with the noted university in South Bend, Indiana.

"Somebody asked me if my school burned down," one user wrote on Twitter. "[Laugh my a-- off]. University of notre dame = south bend Indiana Notre dame cathedral = Paris France."

Others chimed in that the fire in Paris was somehow connected to the university in the United States hiring former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

"Paul Ryan gets hired to teach at the University of Notre Dame...immediately following the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris bursts into flames! True Story!" another user joked on Twitter.

The true cause of the fire has been attributed to the ongoing construction on the structure. According to Reuters, police noted that the blaze started by accident and shots of the fire show scaffolding all around signaling ongoing work with at the location.

Many on social media have been crushed by the news of the fire and the destruction it has already caused.


"It's really sad to see this happen to one of France's most famous landmarks. It's 800 years old. It will be such a big loss," a devastated user wrote on Twitter. "The fire looks monstrous but I hope they c an still do something about it."

According to CBS Evening News, the cathedral is home to numerous sacred objects, including "pieces of the cross they believe that Jesus was crucified on," nails, and pieces of the thorned crowned from the moment. The outlet noted their status is unknown at the moment.