Watch: This Ice Skating Fall Is a Metaphor for Life

Two teenagers in Japan accidentally created a viral sensation this weekend at the ice skating rink. Madoka Takayama tried sliding out onto the ice for the first time in several years, and the result have become the Internet's reaction gif for just about everything.

Since it was posted on Twitter three days ago, the video has been retweeted over 127,000 times, and has almost 312,000 likes. As people re-post and re-purpose it, they're working it into a lot of common joke formulas such as "me when..." or "literally me..."

The results are pretty entertaining. It's not just the extraordinary way that Takayama can't stay on her feet for even a second, it's the fact that she laughs and smiles throughout the video. Children glide past her easily as she struggles to stay upright, but she seems to be having more fun than any of them– a sentiment that all of Twitter seems to relate to.


The beauty is that Takayama has only just entered the life cycle of a meme. As the video circulates, it will expand and grow into new jokes. People will augment the video with music and editing and captions, and Takayama will be immune to all of it, laughing and smiling and flashing her triumphant raised fingers every time.