Social Media Is Tearing Into This Poorly Created Photoshop of Glenn Close and Hillary Clinton

As part of the year-end round-up news cycle, Page Six made a video of fantasy casting ideas for hypothetical movies about this year's biggest news stories.

It's a funny concept, though readers were dismayed by the photo they used to promote in on Twitter — a bizarre face-swap of Hillary Clinton wearing the face of Glenn Close.

Of course, Twitter users eschewed the fantasy casting concept in favor of roasting Page Six's Photoshop skills instead.

"Quick," tweeted one user, "somebody mock up what it would look like if Hillary Clinton and Glenn Close had a baby who was a chimney sweep."

Other responses were just as brutal, though the mash-up did seem to remind people of various characters from TV and movies.


in the responses, little reference was made to the actual video Page Six was linking to, which featured many other face-swapped celebrities.

The video imagines a movie adaptation of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, with Jonah Hill playing the central role. They also consider Kristen Stewart for the part of Rose McGowan, and Taylor Swift as Ashley Judd.