TRENDING: Awesome Dad Builds Sick Daughter Handmade Wheelchair For $100

Sometimes love is all you need. That, a little handiwork, and $100.

When 1-year-old Evelyn Moore was 4 months old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Since then she's been through a shocking eight rounds of chemotherapy. Due to a spinal tumor, Evelyn is paralyzed below her arms.

evelyn more wheelchair dad built

When Evelyn's dad, Brad Moore, began looking into ways for her to get around, he quickly realized that he and Evelyn's mom, Kimberly Moore, didn't have the money for a custom wheelchair.

Amazingly, after seeing a design on Pinterest, Brad built a handmade custom wheelchair for the 1-year-old, who has been in remission for the past three months.

Using a cutting board, castor wheels and a Bumbo seat, Brad constructed Evelyn's wheelchair for only $100 — a fraction of what the cost would have been — and Evelyn is getting around just as well as her friends and peers.


"She's pretty fearless," mom Kimberly said. "She'll go in her wheelchair on the top of a hill, let go and put her hand in the air, then catch herself when she gets to the bottom."

Sounds like a pretty awesome dad to us! Check out the video below from ABC News.