Topless Woman Arrested Outside Prince Philip's Funeral

The funeral for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, took place on Saturday. The event saw members of the royal family in attendance, including Prince Harry, Prince William and, of course, Philip's wife, Queen Elizabeth II. Unfortunately, the event also saw a very interesting character, as Metro reported that a topless woman appeared outside of Windsor Castle, where the funeral was taking place. According to the publication, the woman was staging a protest and was promptly arrested after causing a scene outside of the event.

Metro reported that the scene took place shortly after the crowd outside of Windsor Castle engaged in a moment of silence for the late prince. After the crowd started to clap following the solemn moment, the topless woman reportedly ran onto the road and shouted, "Save the planet." She is said to have jumped onto a statue of Queen Victoria that was in the area. Police officers then took her into custody and led her away from the scene. The authorities were also later seen retrieving her clothes. Multiple photos have since emerged from the incident, which Metro obtained. At the moment, it is unclear whether authorities will bring charges against the woman, who has not yet been identified.

Philip's funeral took place on Saturday at Windsor Castle, one of the residences that he and the queen frequented. Since the funeral took place amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event was a very scaled-down affair. There were reportedly only 30 individuals in attendance, including Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex's return to the United Kingdom marked his first time back in his home country since the Oprah Winfrey interview that he and his wife, Meghan Markle, engaged in earlier this year. While Harry did attend the event, Markle could not make the trip to the United Kingdom as she reportedly did not receive clearance from her doctor to fly. (Markle is currently pregnant with the couple's second child and is due sometime in the summer.)

During the funeral, Elizabeth entered the chapel with just one lady-in-waiting by her side. She arrived separately from the rest of the royal family and donned a black coat, black hat, and black face mask for the occasion. After entering the chapel, the queen sat alone as she listened to the service. Philip died on April 9 at the age of 99. He was married to Elizabeth for 73 years.