From Chicken Nuggets to Politics, the Top Twitter Trends of the Year

2017 was a firestorm of a year, and thankfully social media was there to capture every moment of it.

On Tuesday, Twitter released its top trending people and topics for 2017. Ranging from a tweet begging for Wendy's chicken nuggets to the American politics that seemed to be inescapable on Twitter, the list includes all of the major and unexpected moments that filled Twitter feeds across the world.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James made the list of most retweeted tweets when he took to the social media site to criticize President Donald Trump for rescinding Stephen Curry's invitation to the White House.

And while President Donald Trump is known for his questionable tweets, it was former President Barack Obama who had one of the most popular tweets of 2017. Not only was his tweet from August that quoted Nelson Mandela the second most retweeted, it was also the most liked tweet of all time.

But Trump did make two other lists: he was the most tweeted about elected world leader of 2017 and the most tweeted, followed by Vice President Mike Pence in second and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in third for most tweeted.


But the most popular tweet of the year came from Carter Wilkerson, who in April sent out a desperate plea calling on his fellow Twitter users to help him make a dream come true.

Other Twitter trends were much more somber, touching on the multiple tragedies that plagued the year, including the bombing at Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert and fundraising efforts for Houston relief.