Toddler Falls Five Stories out of Window Surviving With Only a Bruise

A Bronx family is counting their blessings this Father's Day.On Friday, 2-year-old Audrianna [...]

A Bronx family is counting their blessings this Father's Day.

On Friday, 2-year-old Audrianna Dzyuba survived a five-story fall from her apartment window, coming away from the incident with only a bruise on her arm.

Inside Edition reports that the little girl was in the apartment with family when her 17-year-old cousin Isabelle Goff opened a window to watch the rain. According to family, Isabelle left the room briefly to get pizza and heard loud thumps and screams. The noises were Audrianna getting out on the window sill and falling onto an awning below.

"I heard the thump and I heard her cousin start screaming hysterically, 'she went out the window,'" Audrianna's father Alekx Dzyuba said. He looked out the window and saw Audrianna on the awning.

"My first thought was 'I just lost my child,'" Dzyuba recalled. "When I saw her down on the awning and then she sat up, I was hoping she was okay. I ran downstairs to see how I could get her down."

A neighbor with a second-floor window near the awning was able to get the scared girl inside after Dzyuba was unable to. He said his daughter was startled, but had come very close to a different outcome.

"In the spot that she landed, two inches in either direction she would have hit the metal bars on the awning and she probably would not have survived."

Instead, the little girl, who underwent tests at the hospital, suffered only a bruise on her arm.

The building's landlord installed bars on the window Saturday.