Toddler Awakens From Coma on Her Own Days After Doctors Wanted to Pull the Plug

A one-year-old girl miraculously awoke from a coma just days after doctors wanted to take her off life support thanks to her parents' intervention.

Twin girl Marwa was put into an induced coma after a virus attacked her nervous system and doctors at the French hospital warned her parents she would never be able to breathe on her own and recommended they take her off respiratory support.

The hospital was going to stop providing support to the little girl, but her parents intervened and used social media to gain over 100,000 signatures, enough to force court officials to extend her care.

Just days after the hospital would have cut off care, Marwa opened her eyes.

"My little wonder can smile at me, finally continuing to battle," her father, Mohamed Bouchenafa wrote in an update. "Her face has softer traits than normal … but her condition remains stable, aside from a fever from time to time."


She will continue receiving treatment, but her parents are simply thankful for the fact that she is awake once again.