Tiger Woods: Piers Morgan Ripped for Reaction to Masters Champ's Comeback

Piers Morgan took Tiger Woods' Masters victory as a lesson in perseverance on Sunday, but not everyone liked his interpretation.

Morgan was stirring up controversy once again on Sunday when he watched Tiger Woods win the Masters Tournament along with the rest of the world. The golf legend came back from highly publicized personal issues and won his first Majors in over a decade. To Morgan, this was a scathing indictment of "snowflakes" in all walks of life.

"To all whiny snowflakes out there who keel over at the first sign of any problem... look at Tiger Woods & learn from him," Morgan wrote. "Life's tough, so deal with it. That takes mental strength, resilience, determination, a will to win & a refusal to give up. Bravo Champ @TigerWoods!"

While this was the sentiment of Woods' amazing comeback was a popular one, some fans took issue with Morgan's comparison of this upper eschalon sports story to every day life. In particular, they noted the the "snowflakes" Morgan referred to were often economically disadvantaged, while Woods had no shortage of resources to help achieve his goals on Sunday.

"Much easier to bounce back with 100 mil in the bank," one fan noted.

"Much easier fighting problems with the best part of a billion in your bank account," added another.

Others felt that Morgan was willfully glossing over the nature of the problems knocked Woods off of his pedestal in the first place. The golf pro was accused of numerous infidelities and involvement with prostitutes on a grand scale. He also raised eyebrows by working with Dr. Anthony Galea, who was linked to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.


"To be honest he made most of his problems himself," wrote one person under Morgan's tweet. "And had a lot of money to help solve them. Many other people do not have that benefit or entitlement. Well done to the man for what he's done but he is no sudden messiah for the masses!"

Either way, it was clear that Morgan's use of the term "snowflake" ignited some followers, as the term has taken on a number of negative connotations. The short-lived controversy did not distract golf fans from Woods' win, which was regarded as a moment of sports history.