Teen Accused of Killing New Year's Eve Date in Botched Gun Theft

A teenager in Texas is accused of killing her New Year's Eve date after her plot to steal his guns went wrong.

Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, 19, is now facing murder charges after she allegedly shot and killed 19-year-old Joshua McKinney, an aspiring Marine, the New York Post reports.

It is alleged that Ramirez, who had only recently met McKinney and began spending time with him, had concocted a plan to steal his guns. On the night of Dec. 31, Ramirez allegedly demanded $2,000 from McKinney in exchange for his guns. The encounter quickly turned violent with McKinney putting Ramirez in a neck hold and holding a gun to her head. At some point during the incident, the gun fired, fatally shooting McKinney. Ramirez suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

The 19-year-old initially told authorities that McKinney had been shot when the gun had dropped and fired, but she later confessed to grabbing the gun and shooting McKinney in self-defense. Blood evidence suggested that Ramirez had also stolen his wallet.


Ramirez has been charged with murder and is being held on $50,000 bail at the Harris County Jail.