Taco Bell Brings Back Nacho Fries

Nacho Fries are officially back on the Taco Bell Menu.

After teasing the return weeks in advance and an internal memo "accidentally" being leaked days before it was allegedly set to drop, the Mexican-style fast food chain revealed on Thursday that the fan-favorite item officially made its return to menus.

"#NachoFries are back," the chain wrote on Twitter. "Dip on in to Taco Bell and get yours today."

While news of the Nacho Fries' return was praised by fans, many urged the fast food chain to make the item a permanent fixture on menus nationwide.

"Guys, this is like the 3rd time bringing these back. Just make these bad boys permanent for real," one person petitioned.

"Nacho Fries and Naked Chicken Chalupas would make the world a complete and happy place. It'd bring about world peace. However, they took away the chalupa, so...we will continue to suffer," another penned, making reference to the Naked Chicken Chalupa, the tasty treat the briefly returned to menus just weeks ago.

"Can y'all finally keep these and the chicken rolled tacos around stop playing with me," another wrote.

The re-release of Nacho Fries was launched alongside a trailer for the James Marsden-starring faux movie Retrieval, in which "one man must go further than any man has gone before" when Nacho Fries vanish. The trailer marked the third in a series of movie trailer-esque ads to promote Nacho Fries.

The popular snack first made its debut in January of 2018, marking the fast food chain's largest debut in history, and again made a brief return in August before disappearing with no return in sight, leaving many Taco Bell fans disgruntled.

Hope was sparked anew that the fries would be seeing the day of light again when, on Jan. 17, a "Confidential Internal Memo" was published stating that Nacho Fries would be back on menus on Jan. 24. According to the memo, the announcement was "confidential information and should not, for any reason, be leaked ahead of January 24."


Ahead of the snack's return, a select handful of "Taco Bell Fryologists" were given the opportunity to not only get their hands on Nacho Fries first, but also "give out free Nacho Fries, while supplies last, to unsuspecting customers."

Nacho Fries come in three varieties – Regular, Supreme, a take on nachos supreme that include ground beef, pico de gallo, nacho cheese, sour cream, and optional garnishes, and BellGrande. The dishes bear price tags of $1.29, $2.49, and $3.49.