Suspected Serial Killer Had Man Tied up During Arrest

A man accused of killing at least five men had a man tied up in his apartment during the time of his arrest.

According to the Toronto Sun, Toronto police officers, who had suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur under surveillance, discovered a young man restrained to the 66-year-old's bed when they entered his house to arrest him.

Authorities had allegedly been observing McArthur's property when they saw a young man enter the home on Jan. 18. Believing that he was in danger, officers made the decision to enter McArthur's house and arrest him, at which point they discovered the bound man, who had allegedly gone to the suspected serial killer's house to have sex.

McArthur, a landscaper, was arrested in connection to the deaths of Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman, who had both been reported missing from Toronto's gay village area at separate times last year. A search of his property revealed that he had more victims, with severed body parts discovered in the bottoms of 12 planters, leading to three additional charges in the killings of 58-year-old Majeed Kayhan, 50-year-old Soroush Marmudi and 47-year-old Dean Lisowick, who was an occupant of the shelter system.

"It encompasses more than the gay community. It encompasses the City of Toronto," Toronto Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga said.

Believing that there are more victims, Toronto police are currently searching about 30 properties where McArthur worked and are urging his costumers to contact police, the New York Post reported.

"We believe there are more remains at some of these properties that we are working to recover. We have seized quite a few planters from around the city and we will continue to do that. There are at least two sites that we do want to excavate where people might be buried," Idsinga said. "He's an alleged serial killer and he's taken some steps to cover his tracks."


Authorities began investigating McArthur after members of the LGBT community began pushing for answers in the disappearances of 44-year-old Esen and 49-year-old Kinsman. Their investigation into McAthur had been going on for months, but they were unable to make a connection to the disappearances until this month.

McArthur's next hearing is scheduled for Feb. 14.