Stormy Daniels' Father Speaks out About Alleged President Trump Affair

Adult film star Stormy Daniels' father has spoken out about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, and he says he fears for his daughter's life.

While speaking to The Daily Mail, 68-year-old Bill Gregory revealed that he was initially a Trump supporter but now worries because of her claims of having an affair with the U.S. President, his daughter could be killed by a "sniper."

"I think she's making some bad choices, but she always has," Gregory said. "I'm sure she slept with President Trump, I have no doubts she did. I don't think it was entrapment, it was a coincidence, a lucky day for her."

He also explained that it was Daniels' mother Sheila who first told him about the affair and the ensuing controversy when the reports began to come out.

"I think it's getting out of control, I worry somebody is going to kill her,' he continued. "You start messing with big people like this, people with money, it's not a good idea to rattle their cage."

"It's really dangerous, frankly. I worry about her disappearing or being killed," Gregory added. "She's got all these bodyguards, but they'll be no good if a sniper goes and shoots her."

The Los Angeles resident went on to say that while he did like Trump once, he thinks the President is "a little crazy" now, adding, "I kind of like how he shakes everything up. I'm tired of the same old same old - we were in a rut. The American people lost control of their government."

"Stephanie (Daniels' legal first name) will probably end up getting President Trump out of office. I think the Democrats are going to take it and run with it," Gregory also said. "I was hoping it would go away early on, but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger."

"I don't feel sorry for Trump, he creates his own realities, he's meant to be president but he can't keep his pants zipped up, he's not even discreet," he went on to explain. "I have nothing to say to him - you can't fix stupid. It's a waste of time."

Finally, Gregory spoke about his personal relationship with his daughter, admitting that he had been a "deadbeat dad," and adding, "I paid my child support, and I bought her a car when she graduated - which she totaled."


"I knew when she was 17 or 18 she started stripping. She hooked up with a Russian guy who she brought to Cincinnati when I was living there. Later he took her to Kentucky and she was stripping there. She knows I'm not happy about the career decisions she's made. She was going to be a vet, she had horses," Gregory recalled. "When she appeared on the cover of Penthouse in 2007, I didn't even recognize her. Who wants their daughter to grow up to be a porn star? I had higher hopes for her."