Storm Area 51: How to Watch, What Time and Where

As thousands of people gather to Storm Area 51, those choosing to forgo trekking out into the vast Nevada desert won't have to miss out on the fun. The event, which was sparked after a social media user jokingly created the "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" Facebook event back in July, is set to be live streamed on Friday, Sept. 20, the date randomly chosen when the event was created, on a number of YouTube channels and on Facebook. Several images and videos have also already surfaced online.

Those remaining at home on their couch deciding it best not to risk any legal trouble, as multiple agencies have warned against people attempting to "Naruto run" into the Nevada-based military base, which has long been the center of conspiracy theories regarding its secrecy, will be able to live stream the event on YouTube accounts LDG Station and Isaiah Photo. While not much is taking place currently, LDG Station already has more than 2.5 million views, with Isaiah Photo's live stream nearing the million-view mark.

Local Nevada entertainment complex Area 51 is also set to livestream the raid. The retail and entertainment complex located in Las Vegas had promised back in July to broadcast the event, writing on Twitter that "we're going to live stream the 'event' here at [AREA 51] to watch what goes down. And costumes & tin foil hats are required. Leave yur info & we'll send you the details."

Although a livestream has not yet been published, the complex has already entered into the fold, sending a small "squad" along with a cameraman into the raid. Several videos of the experience have already been shared to their Twitter account.

Initially started as a joke that went viral, with more than 2 million people hitting the "attending" button on Facebook, the stunt has since spawned into several real-life events. According to the Independent, two different festivals called Alienstock are set to take place in Las Vegas, where it will take on the appearance of a more traditional EDM festival, and in the small town of Rachel, Nevada, which is the closest town to the famous military base and boasts a population of just 54.


The Rachel, Nevada event has sparked plenty of concern, with local officials warning that it has a "high potential to get ugly," as the single inn in the town had been fully booked and the harsh surrounding landscape requires that people be "experienced in camping, hiking, and surviving."

Currently, the official website for Rachel, Nevada claims that "a couple of hundred people" have shown up for the event, thought "law enforcement clearly outnumbers visitors." It adds that the "Area 51 Basecamp event in Hiko on the other hand is quite successful and people are having a great time."